Report on Special Project to Rwanda

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society occasionally receives a request for a special mission project.  Last year the A-BC District’s President Rev. Glenn Schaeffer approached CLMS with a request for CLMS to accept a special project for Rwanda.  Rev. Schaeffer assumed responsibility for raising funds for two teachers to instruct a week-long course to church leaders in Bible and theological training in the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship and the Reformed Christian Fellowship Church of Rwanda.

Following are excerpts from Dr. Glenn Schaeffer’s report on his teaching trip to Rwanda in early 2019.


My wife Sandra and I just returned from a two week trip to Rwanda.  It is amazing how the bonds of faith and the shared love we have for Jesus connect us to one another despite differences in ethnicity, language, and social class. 

I led a four day conference on Romans 1-8 with heavy emphasis on the doctrine of justification – a doctrine that was “foreign” to them. There were about 35 church leaders present for the conference, mainly from the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and two pastors from the Reformed Christian Fellowship Church of Rwanda.

They are passionate about worshiping and serving their Lord, but most of the Christians, including the leaders, have a limited knowledge of the Bible and tend to live under the burden of the law. 

They are eager and hungry to learn more.  Our daily sessions at the conference started at 9 am and concluded at 4 pm with a one hour lunch break (during which they huddled to talk about the lessons).  Otherwise, they listened, discussed, debated, and prayed…with no other breaks!

Both churches are requesting ongoing biblical/theological training.  In fact, this matter is quite pressing as the government of Rwanda has mandated that all pastors of congregations are to have a theological degree/certificate from an accredited school. 

I am thankful for the opportunity that Sandra and I had to travel to Rwanda. Aside from the conference we visited four additional congregations that are extensions of the Beth Ammi located in various regions of Rwanda.  I also preached at a worship service there.

The congregation I now serve in Michigan is quite supportive of my work in Rwanda.  Sandra and I plan to return to Rwanda to continue to develop relationships with them and to provide them with biblical and practical training.

In Christ,

Glenn Schaeffer

Dr. Schaeffer and CLMS are very grateful to the people of LCC who heard about this special project and supported it both financially and with their prayers.

CLMS Annual General Meeting – July 11, 2019, 7pm, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario

This is a notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, to be held on Thursday, July 11th, 2019, at 7:00pm, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 322 East Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario.



  1.  Opening Prayer and call to Order
  2.  Minutes from 2018 AGM
  3.  2018 Financial Statements
  4.  Election of Directors (confirmation of vote results and board appointments)
  5.  Other business
  6.  Adjournment and Closing Prayer

For any questions, please contact Jon Oberholzer at .

Exploratory Visit to Rwanda for Theological Education

Brothers and sisters in Christ gathered in Rwanda.

After an initial visit from Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer early in 2018, Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and other Lutherans in Rwanda have invited Canadian Lutherans to return to help them train pastors, elders, and deacons/deaconesses through theological education and mentorship.

While this is not a Lutheran Church-Canada sponsored project, from time to time Concordia Lutheran Mission Society adopts special projects, which allow for exploratory work that falls outside of LCC’s mission areas.

We have set up a project, 1825 – Exploratory Mission to Provide Theological Education in Rwanda, to provide you with an opportunity for you to make a financial donation, with the goal of raising $7,000.00 so that two Canadian instructors can travel to Rwanda to teach a week-long course, to visit/preach in some of the churches, and to continue to build trust with the leaders of the churches related to the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and other Lutherans in Rwanda.

Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer meets with church leaders in Rwanda in early 2018

I want to support an exploratory visit to provide Lutheran theological education in Rwanda.

For additional information about the project, Dr. Schaeffer has provided a video.

Youth Music Program in Nicaragua Gets Financial Boost

On the afternoon of June 11, 2017 at Messiah Lutheran Church in Waterloo a local group, Ebytown Brass, held a concert called “Pastimes in Good Company”. The concert was well attended by nearly 60 supporters who generously donated $1302 in support of CLMS Project 1713: the Nicaraguan Children’s Music Program.

The event was not only well attended and supported by compassionate and mission-minded friends, but also by the local FaithLife chapter who provided refreshments. Thanks also to FaithLife Financial for providing a matching grant of $300 in support of this project. Praise God for the offering from Ebytown Brass who shared their talents in order to help young Nicaraguans discover theirs!

The Music Program for Children and Youth in Nicaragua helps by providing the funding to purchase musical instruments and training time for children and youth so that they can accompany congregational singing and lead fellow Nicaraguan Christians in the musical component of worship services.

If you’d like to support this project click here.

If you are interested in hosting, leading or suggesting an event in support of a CLMS project, please let us know how we can help with supplies, promotional materials, background info, etc. We can provide you with information and, in some cases in-person presentations, to assist you with connecting people with the projects and mission work that they feel passionate about.


CLMS Annual General Meeting – May 7th, Waterloo, Ontario

This is a notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, to be held on Sunday, May 7th at 1:30pm, at Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, 700 Glen Forrest Blvd., Waterloo, Ontario.


  1.  Opening Prayer and call to Order
  2.  Minutes from 2016 AGM (Appended below for reference)
  3.  2016 Financial Statements
  4.  Election of Directors (confirmation of vote results and board appointments)
  5.  Other business
  6.  Adjournment and Closing Prayer

A Q&A session with Rev. Roland Syens, regarding our work in Ukraine will be held following the formal portion of the meeting.

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Annual General Meeting Minutes
Faith Lutheran Church, Saskatoon, SK

January 31, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by President Cliff Haberstock and opened with a prayer by Rev. Ralph Mayan.

Rev. Haberstock briefly explained that “members of the society” are all those who have made donations in the past two years, and described the purpose of the meeting.  He introduced the 2016 Board of Directors to those in attendance.

Rev. Roland Syens and Marilyn Witte, Co-Directors of Ministries and Projects, briefly reported on our 2015 projects.  All were fully funded except one, and the remaining balance on this project was carried forward to 2016. They also referred to the complete list of approved projects which had been distributed to everyone as they entered the meeting.

Pastor Haberstock mentioned that a 2015 financial statement was on the opposite side of the same paper as the project listing.

Pastor Haberstock also announced that he had award certificates for the following Mission Advocates: Lisa Jackson and her team that had recently returned from mission work in Nicaragua; Jon Oberholzer and the team that he was part of, who had been in Nicaragua before Christmas; Reg Zotzman who would be leaving for Nicaragua to do computer training in February; and Al Turner who goes to Nicaragua each year to help with the agricultural project at the Mission Centre.

The meeting was adjourned and Rev. Roland Syens led in prayer.

Following the meeting, Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel gave a presentation about the missions with which LCC is involved in Central America, Southeast Asia and Ukraine. He also asked Lisa Jackson, Jon Oberholzer and Reg Zotzman to briefly share some of their experiences in the mission field. The offering was designated for Thailand – Missionary Support. A joint choir from the congregations of Faith Lutheran and St. Paul’s Lutheran sang a number of pieces throughout the afternoon as well as leading us in several hymns.

Afterwards, refreshments were provided by Faith Lutheran Church.

CLMS announces projects for 2017

The Concordia Lutheran Mission Society is pleased to announce our 2017 list of projects.

Children being fed

Children enjoying a nutritious meal at a Nicaraguan feeding program.


1701 – South Asian Radio Ministry – $5,000


1702 – Gospel Outreach In Cambodia – $12,000 *NEW*

Costa Rica

1703 – Cartago Missionary Support – $25,000
1704 – Children’s Christian Education in the communities of Cartago -$6,500
1705 – Youth Outreach in Cartago- $1,600 *NEW*


1706 – Children’s Christian Education Materials- $9,600
1707 – Deaconess Support – $8,000
1708 – Rancheria Earthquake Relief – $10,000 *NEW*
1709 – Support for Pastor and Deaconess Morales in Sebaco– $12,000
1710 – Assistance for Worship and Outreach facilities in Rivas – $6,400
1711 – Nutrition for the children of Rancheria – $2,000
1712 – Central America Church Worker Medical Fund – $7,000 *NEW*
1713 – Music Program for Children and Youth – $5,000 *NEW*
1714 – Computer Training for Deaconesses and Children – $2,500 *NEW*
1715 – Motorcycle for Pastor Guillermo’s Mission Outreach to Masaya – $3,000 *NEW*
1716 – Microfinance Program for Church Workers in Central America- $2,800 *NEW*


1717 – Mission and Ministry to Kokkloi, Thailand – $8,500


1718 – Bible Study Outreach in the Village of Zorya – $1,600
1719 – Support for LCC’s Missionary Navarotskyy in Nikolaev – $9,800
1720 – “Days of Faith” Theological Conference – $1,000 *NEW*
1721 – Summer Youth Camp – $1,400 *NEW*
1722 – Men’s and Women’s Gatherings for Reformation 500 – $1,100 *NEW*

Detailed information on each project will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

If you wish to support any of these projects now, you may do so here.

Supporting Lutherans in Ukraine

1522 UK seminaryThe seminary programs in Ukraine restarted this year with Dr. Wilhelm Torgerson teaching three intensive courses up to December. CLMS has forwarded the funds we have on hand to support the seminary’s fall classes, but more is still needed. Although the world has tried very hard to keep them from their studies, the students were able to return to school with a newly appointed President, and a warm environment fueled by the coal fired furnace.

Support Lutherans in Ukraine HERE

Feeding program for body and soul

12 2015 Nicaragua eWe know all too well, that where there is good work being done in His name, it is there that the devil focuses his energy. He will try to get in between the Word and the recipient and place boulders of fear and doubt. We have seen the devil take advantage of opportunities, but thankfully the Lord also works in everything for His good. Nicaragua has faced challenges with the Children’s feeding programs, which are one of LCC’s most fruitful missions. Thanks to the CLMS projects you are funding for the “Bread of Life” and Deaconess support, the children are being fed physical bread and opening doors for the Gospel.

Support our Nicaragua projects HERE

Pastor needs support

12 2015 thailand eIn Thailand we are told that Pastor Suchat Chujit’s ministry is steady and strong.  His church membership is small, but he has established several preaching stations and has welcomed new members into his adult bible study.

Support Pastor Chujit HERE

Youth focus in Costa Rica

12 2015 Costa Rica eDespite the obstacles presented in Costa Rica work progresses in the energetic and sustainable projects where there is youth work. Through the many programs focused on the development and strengthening of the faith of the youth, you are helping to prepare youth for outreach and providing them with the tools needed so that they are “not ashamed of the Gospel”.  As with Canadian youth, your prayers are needed to keep the young hearts of Costa Rica focused on Christ so that they can continue to be conduits of the power of God who brings Salvation.

Support our Costa Rica projects HERE